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Germeau Carrière

To celebrate its 70th Birthday, GERMEAU-CARRIERE has decided to update its website.

Little by little, GERMEAU-CARRIERE has widened its range of activities. At the beginning, the main service provided by the company was the selling of ladders. Now we provide a much larger range of services: SALES, RENTALS, SPECIAL MANUFACTURING.

GERMEAU-CARRIERE is keen on extending its sales service towards export. We are currently dealing with Albania, Cameroun, Congo, France, Italy, Marocco, Spain,...
Our wish is to export our know-how and product range, which meets international norms.

GERMEAU-CARRIERE is also willing to extend its rental service towards neighbouring countries. Our achievements on building sites such as the Liège Guillemins train station, the BUDA bridge in Brussels and the Inter-Allied Memorial in Liège are a guarantee of our competence for large-scale building projects.

Today, our company already plays a part in the international market. However, we would like to increase our visibility and show our qualities thanks to our website.

We would like to export our material: ladders, scaffolding, material hoists, material handling as well as our know-how in special manufacturing in aluminium. It is our desire to offer our knowledge in setting up scaffolding and possibly offer trainings for people who buy our material (we have organized trainings in Africa in the past).

The GERMEAU-CARRIERE team is here to help you achieve all your work at a height.

Company’s history


Libert Germeau starts selling wooden ladders. He travels all over Wallonia with his two sons Victor and Joseph, visiting farms.


Victor Germeau takes over, carrying on the prospecting. He displays his ladders at main local fairs and events. He is the first person to offer aluminium ladders in the Liège province.


Alain Germeau et Raymond Carrière, Victor’s grandchildren, join him in creating the business corporation GERMEAU-CARRIERE sprl. Alain and Raymond add scaffolding and material hoists to the range of products.


The company starts renting out scaffolding with assembling.


Creation of GERMEAU-CARRIERE Bâtiment, a division specialized in sales of patented goods to building contractors.


The company changes from the s.p.r.l. system to the s.a. system with three teams of scaffolding fitters, a workshop for special manufacturing and repairs, three lorries to provide delivery around Belgium and three sales representatives to solve any access problems.


Joefrey Carrière, Raymond Carrière’s son, becomes part of the company and develops customer service.


Le programme de GERMEAU-CARRIERE programme is completed with the sale of aluminium cranes for slate-quarrymen.


The company moves to a site of more than 7500 m² to cater to your needs even better than before: Avenue de l'Indépendance 57, 4020 Wandre.
A new sales representative is hired to take charge of business with Flanders.


The high quality of our accomplishments is rewarded: we are asked to work on heritage building sites as well as on international ones. We nevertheless keep on working with individuals, finding solutions on a case-by-case basis.


We have a fleet of vehicles to carry out our deliveries, assemblings and technical interventions everywhere in Belgium.


After 70 years of working for you, it is our desire to attend to you just as we did at the very beginning, welcoming and advising you.

We would also like to beef up export of our know-how.